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Cling On brushes were designed by Frank Michielsen, a Dutch painter with decades of experience. They are hand made in Holland using quality synthetic Dupont brustles and are renowned for their flawless brush mark free application. One of the most desired brushes by furniture painters around the world. They are suitable for all waterboure paints, will not shred bristles and are easy to clean. With the correct care your brush will last for many years.

Cling On Brushes

  • Cling On brushes love water and are often stored suspended up to the ferrule in water between uses (ensure the bristles do not touch the bottom) this enables any remaining paint to fall off into the water. If you opt for this method,then after use rinse off excess paint and pop into your recepticle until next time. 

    You will notice that the round and oval brushes arrive with string around the base - this should be left intact as it keeps the bristles at the correct tension.

Whitson's Primer


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