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Rollingdog Brushes are manufactured using high quality synthetic filiments (30%PBT 70%PET) They are easy to clean, have flexible no-loss bristles that retain their shape and are suitable for all paints.

The Doberman range have gorgeous red/black smooth, silky bristles with an engraved Maplewood long rat tail handle in a stainless steel ferrule. The popular 2" Mini Master is an ideal palm brush ideal for detailing and furniture painting. Comfortable to hold and measuring a mazimum of 19cm long.

The Rollingdog square and triangular angled brushes have firmer bristles and are ideal for precision work/corners etc. It has an easy to hold soft grip rubber handle and a seam free aluminium ferrule.

The white bristle 1.5" Rollingdog brush is a perfect all rounder with a shorter beavertail style handle. Overall length 23cm.

The 2" ergonomic handled brush is a 50/50 mix of pure and synthetic bristles, also available in a 2" flat.

Rollingdog Brushes

  • The brushes are easy to clean and should be washed immediately after use in cold or warm water with a little soap. Do not leave brushes soaking in solvents.

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