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Staalmeester are top quality brushes that have been hand made in the Netherlands for over seventy years. Various collections include all bristle, bristle/synthetic mix, 100% synthetic including their ultimate superior range The One Series. Unbelievably soft bristles that are durable and flexible and pleasure to use with all types of paint. Renouned  by professional painters in all trades. They will not shread, they retain their shape and will last for many years.  

Staalmeester Brushes

SKU: 0002
  • All of the round and oval brushes have a tightly wound string above the ferrule -this should be left intact as it keeps the bristles at the correct tension. The brushes, apart from the newest Pro Hybrid and One Series have copper ferrules, whilst the latter have stainless steel ferrules. 

    6121   Pure bristles brushes with round heads

    2010   Synthetic/bristle mix, in flat, round and oval

    2012   Synthetic/bristle mix pointed sash

    2020   Pro Hybrid 100% synthetic bristles in round

    2022   Pro Hybrid 100% synthetic bristles in round and pointed sash

    2024   Pro Hybrid  Bent/angled with long handle

    2027 Pro Hybrid 100% synthetic bristle flat brush

    The following are from The Series One range. Again, entirely hand made to the highest standard. They are 100% synthetic with unbelievably soft bristles. These are amongst one of the highest quality brushes available on the market and are priced for the professional.

    1020  Long handled fitch

    1030  Long handled bent fitch

    1040  Long handled angled fitch angled fitch

    1050  Spalter

    1060  Flat spalter



  • In the event that you are dissatisfied with your purchase then please contact us to resolve the situation.

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